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DataDrive Sports is fully focused on sportsbooks and sports betting throughout all our publications. We continuously attract and entertain recreational sports bettors along with gamblers new to wagering sports.

All DDS website properties are designed to deliver high hold-percentage customers to our affiliated partner and advertisers.

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Professional Representation for Media Buys

DataDriveSports offers professional representation for media buys.

  • No media buy is too small or large! DataDrive Sports will work hard to achieve your goals whether it is a small buy of 10K with a blog or a large buy of 1 Million with a major publication
  • A confidentiality agreement is signed between the client and DataDrive Sports Ltd. Some DDS Clients prefer to maintain anonymity with media companies until a successful deal is negotiated
  • DDS represents the client fully from a fiduciary perspective, we do not accept any compensation from media companies for successfully negotiated media deals
  • DDS Fee for this service is from 1% to a maximum of 3% and is only payable when our client’s terms are accepted by the media company. Half of our fee is paid upon acceptance and the final half of the fee is paid after delivery of all services by the media company
  • All media buys are paid directly by the client to the media company. DataDriveSport does not facilitate the financial transfer we just ensure it is managed professionally

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